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Guarantee of compliance in each step

APEX Ingenieros, SLP offers a comprehensive service that covers all phases of the project, from previous work on the conception of the building, its development, its setting up, including the liquidation of the contractors’ guarantees and the presentation of documentation, among others.

Thus, from a clearly specified and detailed project including the unique requirements of the customer, APEX Ingenieros, SLP guarantees compliance with cost, quality of investment and deadline.

The services described are carried out following the phases detailed below:





APEX Ingenieros, SLP, after assessing and knowing the customer needs through questionnaires and meetings and narrowing the limitations in terms of costs and time, starts the Preliminary Project, which consists of two phases:

SPP: Simplified Preliminary Project

From the program of needs approved by the customer, the first ideas of the Program are expressed graphically, as well as the possible techniques that best suit the needs that must be solved.

DPP: Detailed Preliminary Project

On the basis of the solution of the SPP, studies are carried out in order to deepen in the proposed solution in a greater level of detail and with a more accurate estimate of the costs of execution.

Generally these phases are materialized in a single document that allows the definition of the architectural, technical, and financial and management options, and will be used as a basis for the development of the Executive Project.

APEX Ingenieros, SLP, with the approval of the Preliminary Project by the client, develops the project with all the needed detail for the execution of the works. It includes two documents:

DTS: Detailed Technical Specifications

It includes the narrative, the drawing drafts, the specifications, the bill of quantities, the budget and the program execution.

DD:  Drawing Drafts

Drawing drafts are prepared in order to define the works that have to be executed.

These documents shape the Executive Project or Constructive Project.

APEX Ingenieros, SLP manages the different tenders of offers for the contracting of the best builders and contractors of every lot or batch. The suppliers are selected in accordance with their capacity, making them compete between them. The Contracting Management consists of two phases:

DOT: Dossiers for offer tenders

The documentation is prepared to request an offer to the suppliers including, apart from  the DTS and the DD, the general award conditions, the conditions of submission of the tender and a  proforma of the contract.

MPC: Management of purchases and contracts

After receiving the answers from the bidders, a comparative report is prepared for the client, detailing the different options received and the proposals for action.

APEX Ingenieros, SLP, in close collaboration with the client, starts contacts with the finalist bidders in order to award the lots that make up the Project. Through this system the optimization of the coupling cost-quality is guaranteed.

APEX Ingenieros, SLP, finally proceeds to the setting up of the project. In this last phase it is necessary to ensure that the work conforms not only to the requirements stated in the contractual documents derived from the contractual period but also to the Project. Three sub-phases can be distinguished:

GCW: General control of the work

Regular meetings are held on site and we carry out technical assistance to the contractors, reports to the customer regarding the progress of the works, monitoring of the quality controls and overall control of the adequacy of the executed works to the Project.

RCW: Receipt and certification of works

Periodically the certifications of the contractors are prepared, verifying their suitability with the real progress of the works. At the end of the work, provisional completion certificates are prepared.

RWC: Record of the works carried out

The obtaining by the different contractors of the drafts “as built” and all necessary documentation for the operation and maintenance of the works is managed.

With the end of that period the Project is considered as finished, although the relationship with the client, timely advice and customer responsibility persist.